Peru is a country in South America, with varied culture and beauty. It is one of the most beautiful places across the whole world. The one thing that makes Peru stand out of any other destination spot; it is mystery. Peru does have a lot of tourists visiting each year, yet still, it’s never too crowded. When we think of Peru, we realize that we do not know much about its history and culture, making it dwell within the borders of the unknown. This makes the visit to Peru feel even more adventurous and amazing. Sometimes, knowing the unknown is the greatest adventure we can choose to perform.

But a visit to Peru is always incomplete without knowing its culture and history by heart. And what is a better way of knowing the culture than tasting its delicious cuisine. Peru has a list of delectable food, scrumptious cuisine and amazing aura enough to entice you to its entire being. If you were to visit Peru, you must know, that the visit will always be scanty without Peru’s remarkable cuisine.

But what if you’re a foodie and you want to enjoy the Peru-luscious cuisine without having to visit the country? Maybe you’re short on money or time, but not short on the love of food. Well, then you can enjoy this cuisine right at Atlanta, Georgia without having to break a sweat. The new Peruvian restaurant in Atlanta, that goes by the name of “The Freakin Incan”, can soothe your taste buds with authentic Peruvian food. And there is nothing better than Peruvian food at your doorstep prepared by a chef who is Peruvian by his lineage.

WHAT TO EXPECT:If you were to visit the Freakin Incan, you can expect
nothing short of a wonderful authentic cuisine raised in front of you. The restaurant is run by Michael Arnold, who was born in Trujillo in Peru.  His parents are of the Peruvian descent, which makes him the best person to run the place. You can expect to find all sorts of Peruvian food, starting from street food to a three-course meal, with the flavor of South America. You can get from light meals to heartfelt lunches, seafood ceviche’s with a tinge of a citrus taste. There are two restaurants, the original one is situated in Roswell, while the new one is situated in Tucker and you can easily visit either one or both to find a little bit of Peru in the Heart of America.

If you’re a bit doubtful regarding choosing the restaurant, you can check out the various reviews posted by satisfied customers available on the official site.  Is undoubtedly the best Peruvian restaurant in the whole area, all locked and loaded to impress you right down to your core.

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