Large cities often have a thriving nightlife, and San Francisco is no exception. One great way for you to experience a different side of San Francisco is to spend some time running around after dark. Nighttime is when all of the different personalities and events that you won’t see during the day come out to play. Check out these four tips on how to enjoy the nightlife in the City by the Bay.

  1. Take a Night Tour

San Francisco offers a multitude of tours throughout the city, but night tours offer a unique experience if you’re looking for something other than the usual guided daytime walk. The Alcatraz night tour gives you the chance to experience the legendary prison in an entirely different light.

If you’re looking something with alcohol involved, try the North Beach Pub Crawl, where you’ll hit historic bars of San Francisco’s North Beach. Those are only two of the many night tours available, so you’re bound to find one that will make your night.

  1. Attend a Party

What better way is there to spend your night than on an adult playground with a drink in hand? How about checking out a silent disco? The Big Bang Party After Dark provides these things and more, all under the living roof of the California Academy of Sciences. This one only comes around once a year, usually in April or May. However, you’ll find plenty more party eventsĀ around San Francisco if that’s how you want to spend your night.

  1. Find a Safe Means of Transportation

Uber and Lyft are both good ways of finding a driver, and you’ll find many experienced drivers who offer their services in the San Francisco area through both of these apps. It’s also good to remember the classic standard of taxis, and you can even book a limousine for a special occasion.

You can also take San Francisco Muni, the public bus system that runs through the city, or Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). Any one of these should be able to get you just about anywhere in the Bay Area.

  1. Book the Perfect Hotel

Once your late night ends, you’ll be looking for somewhere to sleep into the late hours of the following morning. Finding a hotel in the right location is key, so it’s a good idea to plan out your trip in advance. That way you know the locations of your nighttime adventures and you can avoid long trips as well as save on travel costs to get to your room. South San Francisco has great hotels available whenever you want to take your trip.

Whatever entertainment you might be looking for, you can probably find it in San Francisco. The weather stays cool year round, and it’s sure to get a little cold after the sun goes down, so keep a jacket with you to fend off the chill. Enjoy your time among the night owls of the City by the Bay!

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