Palma de Mallorca, popular name for the city of Palma, is the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca or Majorca, in the western Mediterranean.Also known as Resort City, it lies in the south coast of Mallorca.The monumental Santa Maria Cathedral, a Gothic landmark that was constructed in the 13th century, overlooks the Bay of Palma. The nearby Almudaina is a Moorish-style Arab fortress, which is now a royal residency. Another important attraction is the Hilltop Bellver Castle, a medieval fortress, having a distinctive circular shape. Palma is one of the places where 89 Transfers has comparatively more number of passengers.

Best of Alcudia Through 89 Transfers

Undoubtedly, Alcudia is an ideal destination for families. Its bars, beautiful long sandy beach, and  many more, make  it a perfect place to spend for people of any age. Alcudia is a town in the north of the Spanish island of Mallorca (Majorca), known for its Mediterranean beaches and resorts. From the statistics in the last three years, we have learned that Palma airport to Alcudia accounts for about 33% of our total transfers.

Various Means of Transport from Palma

Palma and Alcudia are separated by a distance of about 61 km. 89Transfers, a transportation escort service in Spain, offers cheap transfers from Palma airport to Alcudia. There are various ways you can travel from Palma de Mallorca to any place and vice versa, including taxi, Rent-A-Car, shuttle bus, or public transport. Your choice might be based on your budget, schedule, or time. We recommendthe service from 89 Transfers, as we provide comfortable, hassle-free service.In particular, we recommendtransfer by car, as it is the most comfortable and easiest mode. By bus, it would take about two hours to reach Alcudia from Palma. We will take you there in just about 45 minutes, and maximize your time for enjoyment.For holiday transfers, we recommend a mini bus, which has a capacity of nine people.It is the best for a family.

What Will be the Fare from Palma to Alcudia?

The Fare from Palma to Alcudia is fixed. However, it can vary because of a number of reasons, such as season, public holidays, time of the day, and amount of baggage – between 80€ and 100€ taxi can be an option for you to travel from Palma de Mallorca airport to Alcudia. However, you have to keep in mind that only four persons can squeeze into one taxi. If there are five, you need to take two taxis, even if one of you is a baby. In such a case, it is better to choose a mini bus.

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