There are various enchanting destinations in the southern part of India and people looking to take a break from the rush of the life can pay a visit to the enthralling hill stations that are loaded with grace and charm. Here are a few places that are one must visit locations in the south India.

1. Ooty


Located in Tamil Nadu, Ooty is a wonderful hill station that is perfect to spend a vacation. The botanical garden, Emerald Lake, Dobbabetta peak and a few more attractions enchant every tourist. One must see the coffee plantations and that all trees which fascinate people and turn people into nature lovers.

2. Idukki


The place is perfect to spend a vacation and people need to visit the sanctuary which is loaded with rich flora and fauna. Apart from the sanctuary the ambience of the region welcomes people who like to relax seeing the grace of the environment.

3. Ananthagiri


Another region loaded with ravishing beauty mad elegant charm is Ananthagiri and this place is located in the state Telangana. One can enjoy a great time looking the dense forest. Katiki Waterfalls, Musi River, Tyda Park, Bhavanasi Lake, The borra hills and Caves are the main attractions of this place.

4. Coorg


Known to be the Scotland of India, Coorg is region which is rich in natural attractions and is located in the south state Karnataka. One can drown in the greenery and enjoy the mind-blowing coffee plantations that fascinate every traveler.

5. Munnar


Munnar an enthralling region in Kerala is perfect place for honeymoon in South India which is mostly visited by the travelers every now and then. The sprawling gardens, picturesque locations and the serene beauty amaze every traveler. This is one perfect place to spend a vacation and one can earn a warm experience of holiday during the trip to Munnar.

6. Araku


A mind-blowing destination in Andhra Pradesh, Araku is a perfect place to spend a holiday. People can see the Borra Caves nearby and even enjoy watching the tribal life closely. The scenic beauty is perfect to look at and one can enjoy the waterfalls and coffee plantations around the region.

7. Coonoor


The region in the state Tamil Naduis perfect to explore as the destination is beautifully nestled in the Nilgiris. The Droog fort, silk farm, Catherine falls, viewpoint and a few more are perfect to explore during the vacation.

8. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills

One fascinating hill station in Karnataka Nandi hills is a perfect place to hang out in summers. The environment the wonders around the region amazes every traveler and the pleasant ambience help people in earn better relaxation.

9. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

A fabulous destination in Andhra Pradesh which is perfect to explore throughout the year is the Horsley Hills. One must witness the exotic flora and fauna amazing environment in the place. The charming beauty of the nature amazes every tourist and one can see Kaundiya wildlife sanctuary and mallamma temple in the region.

10. Kodaikanal


A place located in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is a one must hill station to visit in South India and there are various landmarks in and around the region. Carrying a meaning of the gift of the forest this place is known for the outstanding ambience and is warm hill station in the Tamil speaking state.

The above are perfect places to explore as these are rich in natural attractions and mind-blowing wonders.

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