If you have decided to take the family to experience the wonders of Australia, there are several ways to go about it. You could arrange a package tour at one of the spectacular resorts along the Gold Coast, or maybe book a few hotels at different cities and hire a car, but then you are tied to a schedule. The best way to see Australia is hiring a motorhome, and here are just a few of the reasons why many tourists opt for a self-driving holiday down under.

  1. You Are in Control – With your accommodation in your vehicle, you have complete control over where you go and how long you stay. This freedom allows you the flexibility of a sudden change of schedule, and if you are looking for campervan hire in Sydney, the company could arrange for the vehicle to be fuelled up and waiting for you when you arrive at the airport.
  1. Zero Accommodation Costs – Hiring a motorhome means no hotel bills, and as accommodation is usually a major part of the budget, you can perhaps extend your holiday for an extra week, or maybe take some exotic excursions like a hot air balloon ride, or even a scuba diving course.


  1. A Sense of Adventure – A self-driving holiday is full of uncertainty, and it is very much a case of suck it and see. With the whole family working together, the holiday will also be a bonding experience that everyone will enjoy. While some people like to stick to a planned route, others are more adventurous and simply head off down the road, happy to let fate have a hand in their destination. Either way, you are about to have a unique experience, and this is why so many families become hooked on campervan holidays and end up buying their own motorhome.
  1. The Social Aspect – You will no doubt meet many other families who, like you, are enjoying the adventure of self-exploration, and with the local population always friendly and willing to help, you will meet many interesting people on your journey. Many lifelong friendships began on a self-driving holiday, and if your family really hits it off with another group, you can both arrange to come back at the same time next year and tour together.
  1. Motorhomes are Fully Equipped – Australia is a huge expanse of territory and the best way to explore it is in a customised motorhome that is fully equipped with all the mod cons you could possibly need. You can literally stop where you please, and everything you need is in your vehicle, and anytime you wish to move on, simply pack up and away you go!

If you are over 21 and have a current domestic driving licence, you can make the booking online, and with a range of vehicles to choose from, your holiday will be a unique experience for the entire family. Whether you are looking for campervan rental in Sydney or Melbourne, an online search will point you in the right direction.

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