New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and adventure countries of the world. With glacier, volcanoes, lush green bushes, amazing mountains, beaches, bountiful wildlife and even much more. It is no wonder that with all great features New Zealand is known across the world as a place for adventure seekers. Hiking, caving, skydiving, bungy jumping- everything keep you energetic and let you go outside and do something fun and exciting. The people here are friendly and you can have the opportunity to meet a lot of travellers there. Indeed, it is a destination not to be missed.

You can enjoy great adventure lifestyle may be it is sports, wildlife, BBQs and beaches. When you combine this adventure with your membership benefits from Classic Escapes you will have the best experience from your travel.

Main Attraction

Located on the northern tip of the North Island of New Zealand, the Bay of Islands is one of the main attractions that one must not miss. It’s a famous marine playground for those who enjoy water sports, scuba diving and sea kayaking. To experience something different you can paddle a Maori (canoe). You can spend time watching dolphins, fishing and diving, cruising or just splashing in the warm water.

Paihia is also home to great accommodation and Bishop Selwyn Resort is one of the most noteworthy resorts managed by Classic Escapes. Whether you are staying in Paihia to explore the magnificent Bay of Islands, or simply to warm up in the coastal lifestyle, Bishop Selwyn resort is the perfect destination.

From endless series of boutique stores and restaurants, to boat rides to the island town of Russell, Paihia is a must-visit destination that has its own history and culture. The resort is perfectly located for experiencing the wonder of Paihia’s amazing natural beauty, including breathtaking bush walks, Haruru Falls, and idyllic Bay of Islands.

Luxurious Accommodation  

The spacious and well-equipped 1 and 2 bedroom apartments are luxurious and self-contained. The apartments feature a private area to bathe sun or courtyard to relax. One can also make the most out of their stay at this resort including kayaks and bicycles to ride across the local area, or truly enjoy the holiday in the heated swimming pool, spa, and sauna.

Paihia is a nice place with plenty of opportunities. Those who are captivated by the great outdoors will find the Bishop Selwyn resort perfectly suited to their lifestyle. Everything is just perfect and you are so close to wonderful nature experiences that you cannot miss out.

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