Explore The Beautiful City Of Timisoara In Romania

Romania is a sovereign country in the south-eastern pieces of Europe.

Major Cities in Romania

Here are some of the major cities in Romania that you may want to visit.

  • Bucharest – is the biggest city and is the capital, mechanical, social, and monetary center of the country. Prominent tourist spots in the city incorporate; statute of Ion Luca Carnegie, Carousel bookstore, and the Triumphal arch.
  • Constanta – the oldest continuously inhabited city in the country after being formed in 600 BC. It is the fifth-biggest city in the nation by the populace and it is a coastal town and receives a large number of tourists annually.
  • Cluj-Napoca – it is locally referred to as Cluj and ranking third among the biggest cities in Romania. Cluj-Napoca is the second most crowded city in the nation and was established in 1213. The Statute of Matthias Corvinus and the Fountain of Central Park are a few of the city’s landmarks.
  • Iasi – is a symbol of Romanian history and is the cultural capital at the same time. The fourth greatest city in Romania is home to the absolute most established temples and cloisters which go back to in excess of five hundred years prior.

timisoara romania things to do

Things To Do When In Timisoara

When in timisoara romania things to do should be plan for when in the city. Museum of Communist Consumer which is basically an apartment full of items dating before the Romanian revolution in 1989 which will literally take you back in time is a must see if you are into looking at old stuff. Visit the neighborhood Art Museum, if you are an art lover, which is situated in Union Square and have a coffee/beer at Alternative Cafe. The region itself has an interesting history and cultural identity, and in certain parts, you can perceive how local people live as though in a period bubble, separated from civilization and modern life. Danube River shapes Romania’s regular Southern outskirt with Serbia. One of the major attraction that can be visited on a day trip is the famous Corvin Castle. It has a well-preserved Gothic-meets-Renaissance masterpiece that served as a defense citadel and home to Transylvania’s rulers. The Dacian ruins at Sarmisegetuza are additionally an intriguing sight effectively available from Timisoara.

The Places to go out and where to eat when in Timisoara

For a coffee break, you can try Mokum Cafe or breakfast at Neaţa Omelet Bistro or Zai Appres Cafe, close to Union Square. For lunch, you can try Misto Restaurant (the Beretta local beer is a must try) or Grill to Chill. For scrumptious homemade sweets and great espresso, there is just a single spot to be: Garage Cafe. Dare to try local cuisine at Grădina Bănăţeană if you’re a meat lover and can handle the heavy side of food where you can eat ciorba de burta (sour beef belly tripe soup), mici (Romanian version of grilled meatballs or kebab), sarmale (meat cabbage rolls), and papanaşi (fried dumplings with jam) for dessert. If you’re a fan of ribs, burgers or grilled meat in general, Gratarul cu Staif is also a good choice. There are many places to be with when you travel to a beautiful city of Timisoara in Romania.

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