China has a rich cultural heritage that makes it a very popular destination with family. The spectacular places which one sees here can boost mutual understanding and open interaction between kids, parents and a foreign culture.

In this article, we will tell you about some brilliant tips to make your travel fun-filled, safe, and interesting.

Select the best time for the trip

When planning a China trip with your kids, you need to choose the right time such that your children do not have to miss on their studies. Generally, during vacation time, you would find huge crowds at the travel destination. This can reduce the pleasure and also deprive to make the best utilization of your vacation.

For a peaceful vacation in China, you need to avoid going during China’s major holidays such as summer vacations, i.e., July and August, World Labor Day from May 1 to May 7), and China’s National Day that is celebrated from October 1 to October 7).

Choose the best holiday spots for your tour

There is no point in making a long list of holiday spots when you can’t enjoy them to your heart’s content. So the selection of the destination is very important. Find all those places are highly popular and educational at the same time.

Divide your time and allocate it to them in such a way that you get sufficient time to learn about the place and indulge in the adventures.  We have picked some of the best tourist spots that you would surely enjoy:


  • The Great Wall of China in Beijing.
  • Disneyland in Hong Kong. You can also enjoy nearby attractions such as beaches, mountain trails, shopping malls,
  • Shanghai is also a good placed to visit. Your kids will surely love the thrill of super-fast bullet trains, tallest buildings and ancient traditional water towns.
  • If you are a lover of the lovely natural scenery, then come and enjoy this country by enjoying the cruise, biking, raft, and hiking in the breathtaking Li River and rice terraces.
  • Mostly children are a lover of animals. Panda being the favorite of everyone. By visiting Chengdu, you get an opportunity to take the closest view of cute giant pandas.
  • Chinese is world famous for their martial arts. Dengfeng is the best place to learn about this ancient practice. You can watch Kungfu shows in the popular Shaolin Temple.

Hire a good travel agent

CITS to make your holiday trip easy, comfortable, and hassle-free, you can hire China travel agent. They would suggest you some exciting things to do to make your stay memorable. By assisting you to find the best itinerary for you and your children, they help you spend precious moments with your family.

China is one of the best places to visit with your complete family. The different types of kids-friendly activities one find here keeps your children entertained and happy. This is one of the best blends of learning, exciting and enjoyment.

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