Most travellers experience few problems when they hire a car on holidays, though having said that, those who do experience problems often experience major problems, the kind of problems that make one loathe to ever hire a car from a rental agency ever again.

Whether you’ve run into problems in the past or you’d like to enjoy a smooth, seamless experience with your next cheap car rental in Auckland, read on as the following car hire tips for travellers are sure to interest you!

Choose the Right Car

Most rental agencies offer a wide range of vehicles, ranging from micros to people movers. Before you decide on an agency to hire a rental car from, you should have a good idea of the car that you’re looking to hire. While you may have a preferred make and model in mind, you should also have a second and third choice. That way you stand a better chance of getting a good deal on a suitable car.


Always Book in Advance

Booking a car at the airport rental agency will always incur higher rental rates than booking online in advance. You don’t need to book months ahead, though the longer in advance you book the better the rates usually are. However, if booking a rental car well in advance, you need to consider your cancellation options. Some agencies’ cancellation fees are just not worth paying.

Read the Terms and Conditions

You need to be fully aware of the terms and conditions of the contract that you’re entering into when you book a rental car from a car rental agency. There’s often a lot of fine print here, but you need to be aware of things such as returning the car with a full tank, penalties for no-shows, etc. When you have a good understanding of the terms and conditions, you’re empowered to avoid unnecessary issues with your rental.

Inspect the Car Before Driving Away

Give the car a quick look over before driving away, taking pictures of any areas that you believe may pose issues when returning your cheap car rental in Auckland, for example, small scratches and dings. Many travellers find the easiest way to document a car’s condition is to take a short video by walking around the car using the camera on their smartphone.

Return the Car on Time

Along with making sure you’re not late bringing your car back to the agency, you may also want to ensure you’re not arriving too early. Some car rental agencies charge an early-return fee, so it may not prove cost-effective for you to bring your car back to the agency before it’s due to be returned.

There really isn’t a lot to do or worry about once you know how to avoid common issues and hire your car through a reputable car hire agency, one that has a stellar reputation. It’s hoped that you’ve found this short article interesting and that it helps you to avoid unnecessary problems the next time you hire a rental car on holiday.

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